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England Hockey produce weekly newsletters that focus on the Slazenger English Hockey League which you may access by clicking on the links below. 

2007/08 Season

2006/07 Season

Extracts from recent SEHL bulletins:-


We would remind you that the league should be referred to as the SLAZENGER ENGLAND HOCKEY LEAGUE or SLAZENGER EHL. 



Please remember that players who played in the EHL last season are required to have a completed transfer form in addition to their registration form.

All clubs must print off details of their current registrations and take to each match. This needs to be the updated list of players who are eligible to play with photos and is available via the Fixtures Live by entering the club administrator area, clicking on 'manage EHL registrations' and then clicking on 'pitch-side list' which you will then be able to print off.    



The production of the handbook is scheduled for later this week. It is unlikely that it will be available this weekend.

Contact details for all umpires and match officials may be found on the npua website, The site also carries details of all appointments and you will be notified automatically of any amendments to match official appointments as with umpires.    

Updated club contacts lists are also attached. 



We will shortly invoice clubs for the 1st tranche of their EHL entry fee, 425..

Clubs are entitled to claim 120 for any one-way trip to an EHL match of greater than 160 miles. Mileage grids for 2006-07 are attached. 

Clubs should invoice England Hockey, for my attention, for relevant expenses in respect of games in the first half of the season, this must be an official invoice, letters or notes claiming expenses cannot be accepted by the finance department.



Check your stick NOW!

All players and clubs are reminded that the stick bow rule that was introduced to international hockey in January 06 (published to the England Hockey website and publications from June 05 onwards) was introduced to ALL hockey at all levels on 1st June 2006. It is essential that you check your playing stick and ensure that the bow does not exceed 25mm. If it is more than 25mm and it is checked, it will be confiscated by the Match Official prior to the game and returned to you following the game.


How do you measure it?

Lay the stick face down on a flat and level surface (e.g. a table on a level floor) and measure the gap (at the deepest point) from the edge / underside of the stick to the table. If the space is in excess of 25mm, it’s time to think about replacing the stick with a newer model.

Umpires or match officials can check sticks at any game, at any level, so please be prepared. If you or your club would like to buy a stick bow measure please follow this link to the England Hockey technical pages, scroll down to page 4 and download a copy of the order form.



Guidance from Jane Nockolds in respect of the trial regulations for 2006-07:

6.3  Match Officials have the authority to temporarily suspend any player or official from the team-bench for in-discipline. This will require the relevant team to withdraw a player from the pitch for the duration of the suspension. (The team captain will select the player to leave the field of play)


10.4  Umpires shall have the authority to temporarily suspend (yellow card) any player or official from the team-bench for in-discipline. This will require the relevant team to withdraw a player from the pitch for the duration of the suspension. (The team captain will select the player to leave the field of play)

In an effort to help you and remove risk of any confusion, I confirm that the regulations (above) entitle the England Hockey appointed Match Official (MO) or the NPUA appointed umpire to give any manager, coach or physiotherapist or doctor (on the team sheet and on the bench) a yellow card if their conduct is considered worthy of a temporary suspension.  An example could be foul or abusive language towards the umpire/s or official or players.


The suspension shall be for a minimum of 5 minutes (MO’s and umpires please advise the suspended person accordingly) and throughout the suspension, they shall be required to sit in the sin-bin next to the MO table.


No non-appointed MO (i.e. one appointed by the club) shall be able to carry out Regulation 6.3. If the MO is appointed locally due to England Hockey not being able to appoint someone, the appointed umpires must take responsibility.


It does not matter whether the MO or the umpire suspends the individual. The requirement is only that misconduct is not left unpunished or ignored. 


During the suspension, the team shall play with one player less on the field of play and the removed player shall be decided by the captain and shall sit with the substitute players on the team bench.


It should be noted that these new regulations have been introduced due to an increased number of reported/witnessed incidents of poor conduct from bench staff (e.g. coach, manager, physio or doctor) last season.  We need to see improved levels of conduct and the EHL Management Committee measure this change as a means of assisting in that process.  These regulations shall apply with immediate effect and be applicable to the outdoor and indoor EHL competitions.


The committee is looking for a representative for the Men's Premier Division, following Martin Gilbody's resignation, anybody interested should contact Stephen or myself.



Sarah Capel has recently joined the England Hockey staff and her administrative responsibilities are primarily in the competitions area, including the Slazenger EHL. Her telephone number is 01908 544610, Email [email protected]

Nick Martin
Assistant Competitions and Events Manager