July 2007 - construction



Thursday 26th July



Terracing for the middle tier



Terracing for the lower tier also progressing



The lower retaining wall


Wednesday 18th July



The east and west ends of the top retaining wall are now being extended into the soil bank

and brought up to the level of the northern face of the wall



The seating for the middle tier of courts is progressing well, the foundations have been started

on the seating for the bottom tier



The lower retaining wall is now approx 1m high


Friday 13th July


The lower wall is now well underway


The west end of the lower wall with the drainage already in place



The lower wall and the beginnings of the terraced seating for the middle three courts




Wednesday 11th July



Work has stopped on the top retaining wall while the plans for the ring-beam are finalised.

Work will focus on the lower wall


Concrete foundations have been poured for the return on the eastern end of the top wall


The hole dug for the sump at the western end of the top retaining wall

is now used for the permanent drainage system


The porous pipe on the left runs behind the retaining wall,

other pipes will feed into the drain from the south (above)

and in turn will drain down the slope to the north


The first course of blocks has been laid for the lower retaining wall,

with the porous black teram laid on top of the first layer of soil. 

The layers of geo-grid, soil, shingle and limestone will be compacted

with each course of blocks that is laid




The foundations for the tiered seating which will run along the eastern side of the courts is being dug



Friday 6th July


The top retaining wall







The sump and drainage pipes have done their job and the excess water is gone




The first course of blocks have been laid at the eastern end of the lower wall. 

The first layer of geo-grid, soil, limestone and shingle has been compacted behind it




Tuesday 3rd July


Top tier retaining wall looking east


A sump has been dug at the west end of the retaining wall to drain the excess water from the top tier;

the water which also collects in the porous pipe that runs the length of the wall is being pumped away.



The top retaining wall is now 2.5m high


The foundations for the lower wall are complete,

but surface water makes it impossible to lay the first course of bricks