August 2007 - construction



30 August


Now that the walls are complete, the surface behind them can be levelled

in preparation for laying the courts.





The metal ring beam framework on the top tier has been filled with concrete. 

The black pipes will be used to support the fencing around the courts.



23 August


Now that the walls and terracing for the seating are complete, the surrounding soil

needs to be removed and the court areas levelled.


19 August






The Ring Beam framework on the top tier has been put into place and will be filled with concrete. 

This will support a roof being placed over the three courts in future years if required.

The wall has now been raised to it's finished height of 3 metres.


2nd August


Terrace construction on both levels almost complete, ready for paving to be laid


The lower retaining wall is now 3.5m high and will be complete when the coping stones have been laid.

The black plastic pipes are 1m deep and form the foundations for the fencing which will surround the courts


From the lower tier, looking uphill (south) towards the two retaining walls.


Terraced seating for the lower tier almost finished