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Update September 2007


The G4S netball centre enters the final stage of construction this month and with continued good weather completion is anticipated by the middle of October.

On 10th September the site was showcased to the media and funding partners with the aim of spreading the word about the new state of the art facilities. The centre will be the only centre in England to meet the new specifications set down by the National Governing Body.

Fencing is underway and the tarmacking is due to commence shortly. Seeing the site taking shape has been fascinating and it is clear now how impressive this netball centre is going to be. The opportunities for the netballing community are immeasurable and exciting times are ahead for all involved.

posted 24/9/07


Update August 2007


After all the wet weather, we are delighted that McArdles (the construction company) have confirmed that we are still on target for a September completion.  Once the retaining walls for all three sections have been completed the heavy machinery will return to site to start levelling the surfaces of the courts.  The G4S Netball Centre will take shape quickly and our dream of 9 netball courts, with 3 double marked for tennis, will soon be a reality!


An inaugural netball tournament is planned for early October and has been designed to test the courts and new facility to its maximum.  This will allow us to ensure the surfaces and facilities meet the standards required to be fully operational for October.  Procedures for booking and court hire charges are being finalised and will be published in due course.  The official opening ceremony will take place in the spring and plans are underway for a very special day.


The East Grinstead Netball League will be one of our regular users details here.

posted 6/9/07

Update June 2007

Construction of the courts is now well under-way, and the retaining walls are starting to take shape.  The soil which has been removed to make way for the courts has been relocated to the bottom field, some will be used as topsoil for landscaping around the courts when the construction is complete.

Update May 2007

On Friday 11th May 2007 Scarlet Williams of England Netball U21 Squad cut the first sod for the G4S Netball Centre at East Grinstead Sports Club. 


Scarlet is a local celebrity and has risen to fame through the East Grinstead Junior Netball League and CD Phoenix Netball Club where she was talent spotted to play for England.


The ceremony was attended by many local people including the Vice Chairman of Mid Sussex District Council, Margaret Hersey and East Grinstead Town Mayor Jim Joyce-Nelson. 


Construction of the new 9 court netball centre commenced on 8th May and East Grinstead Sports Club are looking forward to welcoming the Netball Community later this year for the first centre pass.

posted 17/5/07


Update April 2007

We have heard today from our last funding partner that their funds will be released so we now have a definite project and the building of the courts can commence a week today.  This is the culmination of nearly three years work and when the nine courts are complete sometime in mid September it will not only be a major milestone for the club but the whole of the netball community both locally and nationally.


This is fantastic news and whilst we still have some more work to do today is a day to celebrate and enjoy so have a glass of champagne and drink to the future of the ‘The G4S Netball Centre based at East Grinstead Sports Club’.

posted 17/4/07


EG Courier 8 March 07


Update October 2006

Construction:  the soil survey took 5 weeks longer than planned but it is now complete, however, the report showed the soil was not in good condition.  This has been passed to our consultants and we are awaiting their report which will start the whole formal tendering process as well as giving us a guide price on the project.

We still anticipate a 6 month build programme so that puts us in the middle of next year for the courts to be opened.

Funding:  So far this is progressing reasonably well even though we don’t have any confirmation of the final project costs as yet.  However we now have three significant applications with the Sport England Community Investment Fund, England Netball CCDP and the National Sports Foundation all for 200k capital support.  The first two are confirmed subject to some usual conditions and the third one we will hear about soon.  Whilst we have those potential funds in place we would still love to find a local business who would like to support the venture under their Social Responsibility obligations.  Generally these are larger businesses within a 30 mile radius.  We have written to about 100 businesses so far but not had any luck so if anyone has any leads please let me know as we do have a very credible story to tell and we are happy for the facility to be named after the sponsor.

Netball Integration:  We have had a visit from England Netball and a Regional Board Meeting took place at the club recently and all the feedback we have had from Netball is very positive.  It looks as if the final set up we will have at the club will be unique in the Country and we are hopeful many National, Regional and Local tournaments will be hosted at the club – this is really exciting as the all the hard work we put in now is going to pay off for the whole of the Netball community and we are constantly reassured the demand for the courts will be high.

We now have a Community Sports Netball Coach (Alison Armstrong) based at the club and we are running various courses at the club which is great as more people from the local Netball community know the club exists and the model of the courts is on permanent display.

The Project:-


Netball is the fastest growing team sport played predominately by women in the United Kingdom.

Whilst participation grew by 4% between 2004 and 2005 there has been an explosion in numbers of 28% at the end of October 2005 compared with October 2004.

This massive increase has been driven by initiatives taken by England Netball to streamline the organisation and league structure coupled with promotion of the sport on television and the aim of the Government to encourage general fitness in the community.

It is estimated that over a million children now play Netball on a regular basis.  England Netball has 59,000 registered members 10,000 of which are under eighteen.  Netball is played in over 2,500 schools.

In order to continue this welcome surge in support for this popular sport investment in court facilities is urgently required.

Netball is an energetic non-contact sport which appeals to all ages from juniors playing ‘High Fives’ to mums who just want to keep fit. The social side of the sport is extremely is extremely active.

At the top level the England Open Squad is currently ranked fourth in the world and is one of 36 countries affiliated to the International Federation of Netball Associations.  World Championships are held every four years the next being in Fiji in 2007.

The England team recently beat South Africa in a 3 match test series and look forward to playing a series against Jamaica, where Netball is the national sport for girls, in January.

There are high hopes of winning a medal at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia in March.

Current Situation

There are a number of local leagues which have large popular followings.

The East Grinstead Netball League having some 600 sports women organised in excess of 30 teams playing each week during the season is an example of the following this sport enjoys. Apart from local leagues a number of businesses in the South East support their employees in company teams.

There is a marked lack of facilities of the required standard in the area. To run County tournaments a facility with at least nine courts is needed coupled with changing and parking.

New Proposed Facilities

Nine Floodlit Netball courts each with disabled access. The courts will be staggered into three groups of three, all courts having the recommended run-off.

Three of the courts will have ring-beam structure put in place during the preparation phase. The aim is to cover the courts as soon as the operation becomes a sustainable activity.

Three of the courts will be double marked with tennis lines.

A storage facility for posts and other equipment has been built into the requirements of the facility.


Sports funding has enjoyed a big boost from the National Lottery. However the money is only available if organizations whishing to develop sporting facilities are able to fund up to 66% of the development cost.

It is up to these organizations to raise the capital required by one means or another. For example this project to provide a nine Netball court facility is estimated to cost 750,000.

The project has the written support of:

•  Sport England

•  England Netball

•  Mid Sussex District Council

•  Sussex Sports Partnership

•  East Grinstead Town Council

•  Phoenix CD Netball Club

The development team needs to raise in the region of 300,000 to show that it is a project which qualifies for Lottery Funding.

The money is being sought from the Netball organizations, private donations and company sponsorships this brochure is aimed at the corporate market.

It is felt that as an amateur sport enthusiastically supported by women and girls Netball presents a unique opportunity to those companies whose markets are mainly female. Super Markets, Cosmetic Companies, Banking and Insurance Companies etc. all target this important sector of the market.


  • To have the name of the Netball facility incorporate the name of the Company

  • Sponsor a Netball competition

  • Sponsor individual teams

  • Sponsor Kit

  • Court Side Banners

As this is a new and exciting marketing opportunity the organizers welcome any help that is available. 

For more details, please contact Alison




If you require further details of this project, please contact Alison


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Scarlet cuts the first turf


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